HSA Consulting Group is a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and  Small Business Entity founded in 1991 by Gay H. Smith. HSA experienced steady and constant growth over the first twenty years and even greater rates of growth over the past few years. In May of 2018 the company was assumed by Racheal G. Smith and Cameron H. Smith. As the new owners, Racheal and Cameron still adhere to the guiding principles that have brought success to the company: High Quality Standards, Integrity, Technology Driven, Employee Empowerment, and a Family Atmosphere. HSA continues to live by the philosophy that our size and structure allow us to quickly turn and adapt to dynamic conditions. It is always apparent to our clients that the confidence and enthusiasm of HSA employees leads to innovative ideas and a can-do attitude. In short, HSA gets the job done right and always strives to exceed expectations.

”Why choose HSA? We are a transportation consulting firm providing an extensive range of services including: Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering and Operations, FDOT Design, GIS/Photogrammetry, Vehicle and Pedestrian Data Collection, and Transportation Software Development. HSA is fully Pre-Qualified with FDOT in Planning, Traffic Engineering, Traffic Signal Timing, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Signing and Pavement Marking, Lighting and Signalization Analysis and Design, and has been providing services as a Prime Consultant to FDOT for the past 28 Years. Our corporate size, structure, and office locations allow us to quickly deploy, implement, and adapt to changing conditions. This engenders a feeling among HSA Staff that we can get the job done no matter what it takes. This corporate culture sets us apart from other firms that struggle with corporate management layers and multiple decision makers. Our clients detect our confidence and enthusiasm and believe in our ability and drive.
  • Condition Diagrams and Conceptual Design
  • Collision Diagrams and Statistical Crash Analysis
  • Intersection Delay Studies
  • Vehicle Gap Size Studies
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Turning Movement Counts
  • Traffic Volume and Classification Counts
  • Safe Curve Speed Studies
  • No Passing Zone Studies
  • Vehicle Spot Speed Studies
  • Travel Time and Delay Studies
  • Highway Lighting Justification Studies
  • Roundabout Justification Studies
  • Traffic Signal Timing Studies
  • Traffic Signal Phasing Analyses
  • Arterial and Intersection Capacity Analysis