Systems Planning

In this modern age of Transportation Planning, HSA has a unique understanding of what is needed in order to make important transportation projects successful. In these dynamic times of uncertain funding scenarios, HSA’s professionals have an understanding and ability to plan, not only for engineering implementation but also creative public / private partnerships for financing.

  • HSA has extensive experience in the development of Transportation Studies.  Our firm has participated in developing major Master Plans, Corridor Action Plans, Traffic Studies, Modal Plans,  Access Management Studies, Corridor Management Studies, Traffic and Revenue Studies, etc.
  • HSA has a unique understanding of interrelationships with stakeholders in the Transportation Planning Process. (eg. TPO’s, Authorities, etc.)
  • HSA has a unique understanding on the development of the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) from it’s beginning through the development and implementation stages.
  • HSA understands the level of importance of the SIS program and the high profile/high volume strategic transportation investments made through the program.
  • HSA staff has worked on the first major addition to the SIS system through the designation of the Port of Port St. Joe as a Planned Emerging SIS hub.