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HSA Consulting Group, Inc. was founded in 1990 in FDOT District Three.The firm has grown substantially in number of personnel, areas of expertise and office locations during this time. HSA is comprised of three offices throughout Northwest Florida, a full time staff of over 20 professionals, and growing technical expertise in traffic engineering, surveying and mapping, and growth management.

As a woman-owned firm, HSA is certified by the Florida Department of Transportation as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and by the State of Florida as a Minority Business Enterprise. Since 2000, the firm has developed geospatial software applications for transportation statistics, transportation planning and roadway design solutions.


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[person name=”Gay Hamilton Smith, AICP, PTP” picture=”” title=”President & Founder”]

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  • Master of Business Administration, University of Alabama in Birmingham
  • Bachelor of Science in Political Science, Birmingham-Southern College

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  • Member, American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)
  • ITE Certified Professional Transportation Planner (PTP)
  • Member, American Planning Association (APA)
  • National League of Cities Transportation Steering Committee
  • Florida Department of Transportation Statewide Transit Needs Committee

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Ms. Smith’s thirty years experience includes an extensive background in public involvement, particularly as it relates to transportation planning. Her technical expertise is in the areas of transportation planning and traffic operations analysis. She has managed projects involving urban area transportation modeling, roadway and intersection capacity studies, DRI traffic analysis, origin and destination studies, access management studies, and corridor location studies. Ms. Smith also has an extensive background in comprehensive planning, traffic circulation studies, and level of service analysis. In 1990 she founded HSA and has directed the growth and development of the firm as a transportation planning, traffic engineering, and GIS surveying and mapping firm providing professional consulting services throughout Florida.

Areas of Expertise

  • Transportation Statistics Studies & Programs
  • Intersection and Roadway LOS Analysis
  • Network and Project Traffic Forecasting
  • Development Impact Studies
  • Origin & Destination Studies
  • Access Management Studies
  • Long Range Transportation
  • Plan Development/Travel Demand Forecasting
  • TPO/ Local Government / Public Involvement

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US 98 PD&E Study – Santa Rosa County from Naval Live Oaks to Portside Drive – FDOT District Three – HSA conducted detailed highway capacity and intersection capacity analysis for US98 Project Development Study in Santa Rosa County. A Traffic Technical Memorandum was developed which included traffic operational analysis and projections for Multiple Improvement Alternatives.

PD&E Study – SR 10 (US 90A) Nine Mile Road from Pine Forest Road to SR 95 (US 29) PD&E Study – This recently completed PD&E Study re-evaluated SR 10 as a four-lane arterial facility. HSA collected and analyzed existing traffic data, and developed the Design Traffic Report, including forecasting project traffic to the 2035 design year. The FSUTMS model was used to determine anticipated growth rates. Projected AADTs and Design Hour Volumes were developed for detailed arterial and intersection capacity analysis.

West Bay Parkway Public Involvement – Ms. Smith led HSA’s efforts in collaboration with PBS&J and H. W. Lochner on the public involvement activities for the PD&E study for the CR388 connector road in Panama City. Tasks include developing mailing lists, meeting notifications, newspaper advertisements, meeting site selection, coordination and set up, sign-in, ADA Compliance, court reporting and public comments.

SR10 (US90)/Mahan Road Resurfacing Project – and SR261 (Capital Circle SW) Resurfacing Project – Ms. Smith led the public involvement program for these two projects in Leon County. Included were meeting location selection, mailing list development, elected/appointed officials notification letters, development & followup on comments sheets, sign-in procedures, presentation and ADA signage, etc. [/toggle]

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  • Phone: 850-934-0828
  • Email: gsmith@hsa.cc
  • Office Location: Gulf Breeze, FL


[person name=”Mick Cleland, AICP, PTP” picture=”” title=”Senior Transportation Planner”]

[toggle title=”Academic Background”]Academic Background

  • Master of Public Administration, University of West Florida
  • Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources, Ball State University
  • Member, American Institute of Certified Planners
  • Member, American Planning Association (APA)

Continuing Education Courses

  • FDOT Site Impact Workshop
  • FDOT Design Traffic Workshop
  • Highway Capacity Analysis Workshop/McTrans Center (University of Florida
  • Florida Standard Urban Transportation Model Structure (FSUTMS)
  • FDOT Level of Service Short Course
  • FDOT Access Management, Location, and Design Workshop

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Mr. Cleland has over 25 years experience in transportation planning in both the public and private sectors. His experience includes LRTP’s, traffic analysis, transit planning, and growth management planning. Prior to joining HSA in 1991, Mr. Cleland served on the staff of three MPO’s in northwest Florida, participating on transit planning and financial resource analysis for Cost Feasible Plan development. He has extensive experience managing large-scale data collection projects for the Florida Department of Transportation, particularly for traffic and roadway data. Mr. Cleland has managed all major traffic data collection and design traffic forecasting efforts for HSA for almost 20 years. He is widely known for his expertise FDOT LOS Analysis.

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Gulf Breeze Corridor Management Study – US 98 Corridor – Conducted detailed analysis of the US 98 Corridor in the City of Gulf Breeze, focusing on access management issues, including recommended closure or modification of median openings, turn lane improvements, and access and circulation improvements related to Gulf Breeze schools fronting US98. Realignment of side streets and new signalization options were identified and evaluated using SimTraf functionality in SYNCHRO. Extensive agency and public involvement activities included city staff, elected officials, school board officials, business and land owners. HSA worked with the District Bicycle-Pedestrian Coordinator to incorporate recommended improvements with proposed school safety enhancement projects.

PD&E Study – SR 10 (US 90A) Nine Mile Road from Pine Forest Road to SR 95 (US 29) PD&E Study – This recently completed PD&E Study re-evaluated SR 10 as a four-lane arterial facility. HSA collected and analyzed existing traffic data, and developed the Design Traffic Report, including forecasting project traffic to the 2035 design year. The FSUTMS model was used to determine anticipated growth rates. Projected AADTs and Design Hour Volumes were developed for detailed arterial and intersection capacity analysis. The FDOT Traffic Forecasting Tool, TURNS5 was used.

Florida Intermodal Statewide Freight Model, FDOT Central Office – Participated on a consultant team in development of the Florida Intermodal Statewide Freight Model, primarily in the research, collection and compilation of data related to the movement of commodity categories by various modes. Data sources utilized included the Transearch database, US Department of Commerce – Bureau of Economic Analysis, Info USA database, and freight data from Florida airports and seaports.

Multi-Modal Corridor LOS Case Studies, FDOT Central Office – Conducted case studies of two corridors in District 3 to aid the Central Office in development of Multi-Modal Corridor LOS analysis methodologies. The two corridors were Interstate 110 / Davis Hwy (from Fairfield Drive to Interstate 10) in Pensacola, and Monroe St (from Orange Ave to 7th Ave) in Tallahassee. Data was collected for automobile, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian modes, including volume and turning movement counts, signal timings, transit routes and headways, presence of bicycle lanes, and sidewalk coverage and separation from roadways. The data was analyzed using the beta version of the Multi-Modal Corridor LOS models.


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  • Phone: 850-934-0828
  • Email: mcleland@hsa.cc
  • Office Location: Gulf Breeze, FL


[person name=”Jeffrey Jones” picture=”” title=”Senior GIS/Transportation Manager”][/person]

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, University of West Florida
  • Associate of Science in Computer Technology, Pensacola Junior College

Continuing Education

  •  Global Positioning System (GPS) Short Course
  • Highway Capacity Analysis Workshop/McTrans Center (University of Florida)

[/toggle][accordian] [toggle title=”Summary of Qualifications”]Mr. Jones has over 20 years of experience in transportation and land use planning and traffic analysis, as well as four years experience in mainframe and peripheral computer systems diagnostics. He has significant expertise is all aspects of the Department’s RCI, TCI, and RHCI databases, managing active updates on a continuing basis. Mr. Jones assumed a primary role in the extraction of RCI features with milepost and x,y,z coordinate locations from an imagery product developed by HSA and used by District Three. He developed the GIS centerline extraction procedures whereby, x, y, z, coordinate positions are linked to a linear referencing system using mile points.

Mr. Jones’ transportation statistics expertise includes field data collection and processing for major traffic data inventory programs, and coordination and supervision of field personnel. He is also very proficient in FDOT’s Survey Processing Software (SPS), which he has been utilizing since its inception. Mr. Jones also has experience in compilation of crash data, preparation of collision diagrams, no passing zone studies, and conducting parking, pedestrian and bicycle facility inventories.

Areas of Expertise

  • ARCMap GIS Project Experience
  • Parcel Mapping and Database Experience
  • Large Scale Traffic Data Collection Programs
  • Transportation and Land Use Planning Data Development
  • Origin & Destination Study Data Collection and Analysis
  • Telemetered Traffic Monitoring Site Inspection /Repair


[toggle title=”Professional Experience”]Districtwide Geo-Spatial Roadway Characteristics Inventory, Florida Department of Transportation District 3 – (2000 – to Present). Mr. Jones has served as Technical lead using GIS, aerial photography and 3D roadway imagery software. Mr. Jones has been directly involved in almost 2000 miles of roadway inventory using the desktop RCI data collection tool. He has assumed production management responsibility for roadway centerline extraction and RCI feature data collection using the TransDat software application.

Statewide Rail GIS Basemap – FDOT Rail Office – Mr. Jones is currently leading the technical effort on this statewide project, using ArcGIS, in combination with Digital and Stereo Imagery to geospatially locate all Rail Highway Crossings, and correctly identify crossing numbers, etc. by referencing both RCI and RHCI databases.

County GIS Traffic Stations Maps – Mr. Jones completed a major production role on this project for the FDOT District 3 to produce GIS Maps for the various Traffic Site Locations for each of the sixteen counties within the District. Several enhancements were discussed and implemented based on extensive research and the GIS and CAD mapping background of the HSA staff.

Districtwide Miscellaneous Counts and Projections, Florida Department of Transportation District 3 (Ongoing), and 2010 to Present. Mr. Jones provides technical oversight of the annual traffic count inventory for D3. HSA staff conduct and process approximately 2000 volume and/or vehicle classification counts throughout the District (16 counties) The project includes completion of counts for Urbanized Area Long-Range Plan Updates.


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  • Phone: 850-934-0828
  • Email: jjones@hsa.cc
  • Office Location: Gulf Breeze, FL