GPS Control for Airport Imagery

Simwright, Inc. (for Flagler County Airport (XFL) Flagler County)
HSA collected ground control survey data on airport property, created stereo pairs (R3D data) at a 3” resolution and 8cm horizontal, 12 cm vertical accuracy, and generated a block-adjusted aero-triangulation solution for use by the prime consultant in generating planimetrics for airport obstruction clearance analysis.

Simwright, Inc. (for Tampa International Airport (TIA) Hillsborough County)
Set aerial targets and collected high order GPS horizontal and vertical positions within a 6 mile by 8 mile grid for the acquisition and ortho-rectification of low level imagery. (2004)
SimWright Inc. (for Federal Aviation Administration) New Orleans International Airport (MSY)
Obstruction Survey and Airport Airspace Analysis to support approach procedure development. Set ground targets and acquired GPS positions for aerial photography. (2010)